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Easter Cleaning Tips with Bar Keepers Friend

April 9, 2020

Even though many families are now engaging in social distancing, parents are still coming up with ways to make sure their kids have fun this Easter. For many, Easter baskets will still be passed out, chocolate bunnies will still be enjoyed, eggs will be dyed and Easter dinner will be had. In some cases, Easter egg hunts may even proceed – just on a smaller scale in your home or backyard.

Despite celebrations being scaled back, messes can and will be made. Here’s some of our easter cleaning tips:

Easter Cleaning Tip #1: Cover Surface Areas When Dying Eggs

easter cleaning tips - egg dying - image 1If you plan on dying eggs this coming weekend, you’re probably thinking of ways to keep messes to a minimum. Depending on how many kids you have in your household, you might be expecting a bigger mess than you would like. While the messes themselves (cracked eggs, ripped cartons and water cups) might be inevitable, the last thing you want to do is stain your tables, floors or other surfaces. To prevent those stains, we recommend covering any and all used surface areas with plastic table cloths or thick layers of newspaper. Covering surfaces will be especially helpful for swift cleanup of glitters.

Now, let’s say you accidentally do spill or drip dyes onto the floor or table. If you do, be sure to clean it up right away. BKF’s MORE Spray & Foam and a soft cloth can pick up those dyes fast. If, for some reason, those dyes sit on your table and stain, use a squirt of BKF’s Soft Cleanser and wipe away. Just be sure to test either cleaner on a small portion of the surface first.

Easter Cleaning Tip #2: Immediately Clean Up After Easter Dinner

Although Easter dinner is most likely limited to immediate family this year, many “head chefs” of the family enjoy making their own feast. To ease the stress of post-holiday kitchen cleanup, we highly recommend doing as much cleaning as possible before dinner begins – or immediately after their first (maybe second) slice of pie. The reason for this is to ensure cleanup is easy and that it isn’t a hassle to wipe away stuck-on food. 

If you find yourself with a ton of stovetop or cooktop sauce spills or grease splatters, you can use BKF’s Cooktop Cleaning Kit to wipe, scrub and scrape away all types of messes. The all-plastic scraper is especially helpful if you couldn’t get to those messes right away – allowing you to gently pry off stuck-on food without scratching surfaces.

Easter Cleaning Tip #3: Wipe Down Surface Areas Before Easter Egg Hunts

easter cleaning tips - cleaning baseboards - image 2While the previous two tips pertained to post-celebratory cleanup, we thought we’d touch on pre-celebratory cleanup. If your family plans on doing a small Easter egg hunt, you and your kids might be doing lots of crawling, digging and sifting. Whether the hunt is inside or outside (in the yard), you’ll wanna make sure those areas are clear of dust, dirt and grime that can exacerbate allergies. Before your Easter egg hunt begins, take some time to wipe down every crevice of your home – particularly the areas where you’ll be hiding eggs.

If you choose to clean baseboards or siding, we recommend reaching for a can of our Powdered Cleanser or a bottle of our Soft Cleanser. If you choose to clean your cabinets and cupboards, you might grab a bottle of BKF’s Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish sprayed onto a microfiber cloth to wipe away any dust. In fact, it might be helpful at this time to review our What to Clean guide to determine the best BKF product for you!

Whether you’re looking to buy before Easter or any ol’ time, you can get BKF delivered to you from Amazon! Buy it here!

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