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How to Clean Your Car with Bar Keepers Friend

June 22, 2022

How to clean your car with Bar Keepers Friend begins by know you can use BKF products on your car! Have you ever taken a road trip in your car? If so, how did you prepare your vehicle? Did you take it to the shop for maintenance, get the oil changed, or rotate the tires? Did you clean it inside and out before hitting the road? A clean car makes a big difference in our attitude whether it’s a road trip or your daily commute to work.

Car lovers are always looking for new and more efficient ways of keeping their ride clean. Your car is not only a reliable method of transportation but also a personal investment. Recognizing that you care so much about this particular investment, we want to give you effective steps to keeping it clean and working how it should.

While most car owners have their own system for vehicle care, there might be some tactics you hadn’t previously thought about. Check out our top car cleaning tips here. How to clean your car with BKF might surprise you.  

How to Clean Your Car with Bar Keepers Friend

Sprucing Up The Dashboard

When most folks think about cleaning their car, they often think about cleaning the outside. Let’s switch it up a bit and start with your dashboard! The inside of your car is infamous for collecting dust, dirt, and crumbs. Fur is also a big culprit if you transport pets. Not only does all of it get on the seats and floor of your vehicle, but it also tends to float onto the dashboard. So, how does one properly clean a dashboard?

The chances are good that your dashboard isn’t rusty. In fact, it might not even be that difficult to clean because dashboards are usually composed of “high performance” plastics, we recommend using our MORE Spray + Foam to clean these particular surfaces. For day-to-day use on dashboards, use the spray cleaner function/To clean surfaces with more stubborn stains or grime, use the foam setting on the nozzle. 

Spray the MORE cleaner across your dashboard and wipe away with a soft cloth, applying pressure to any sticky or dusty areas. For prolonged use or sensitive skin, handle your cleaning supplies with gloves. Important: Remember to keep any cleaners as far away from any mechanical elements. If you must clean any screens or buttons, spray only a minimal amount of cleaner into a cloth and wipe.

Cleaning Under the Hood

What’s under the hood of your car is just as important to you as, if not more important than the fancy internal features. A clean engine makes your car look and feel better but can also keep your car safer in the long run. Letting significant grime or rust build up in your engine could mean engine strain, overworking, and even failure.

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Note: If you’re new to minor car repairs and detailing, we highly recommend reaching out to a professional for assistance. 

Using Bar Keepers Friend Powdered CleanserSoft Cleanser on the dirty parts under your hood can bring the shine back into an otherwise impressive engine. First, if your car has been running, wait about 15 minutes for the engine to cool. Next, you’ll want to remove plastic covers from the hood, cover sensitive electrical components and sprinkle our powder or apply our soft cleanser. Once that’s done, scrub the engine, rinse and let dry. If you are looking for an in-home degreaser, many around-the-kitchen products will do the trick! We recommend our MORE Spray + Foam for those extra greasy spots. For more specific engine cleaning tips, check out this article here.  

Scrubbing Your Tires 

When cleaning their vehicle, many car owners (particularly folks who aren’t huge enthusiasts) will overlook tires.  It’s so easy to get caught up in cleaning the inside of your vehicle that some folks will even forget about the outside. how to clean your car - car cleaning - blog - image 2They’ll  simply hose off the outside and “finish”. If you really want your car to make a good impression, that may not be the kind of finishing your car rims and tires need!

Bar Keepers Friend powdered and soft cleansers will take your rims from grimy to shiny in no time. Simply apply some BKF (be sure to create a paste using water for the powdered cleanser), scrub your rims with a cloth, and rinse. If you find that your rims are particularly rusty, you can leave the powdered or soft cleanser on them for approximately five minutes. Just don’t leave it on too long.

Pro Tip: You can provide extra protection to your tires by taping off and covering the parts of your wheels (or paint) you don’t want to come in contact with our product. 

Make Those Headlights Shine Bright

Last but not least are your headlights. Your car’s headlights are, arguably, one of  the most important area to clean From a safe driving perspective, it’s important that your headlights are as bright as possible, especially during less than desirable weather. So, if your headlights are looking dull and not shining as bright as they could be at night, you should get to cleaning!

Taking a can of BKF powdered or soft cleanser out to the garage can make a big difference in the clarity of your headlights. We recommend mixing water and our powdered cleanser to create a paste and letting it sit for approximately five minutes. You can repeat these same steps with our soft cleanser, if you so choose. After leaving the product on for no more than five minutes, be sure to scrub into the headlight and rinse thoroughly. You absolutely don’t want any soap residue on your lights. 

Since not all headlight assemblies come from the same materials, always test in a small area before cleaning, and  protect your vehicle by taping off the painted areas or covering the  areas you wish to use another product on.

How to Clean Your Car with bar Keepers Friend and More!

Bar Keepers Friend is here to help you with all of your adventures! Whether this means enjoying your Summer boating, biking, taking long day drives, or week-long road trips, use Bar Keepers Friend cleaning products on your method of transportation and don’t get caught with a grimy car!  

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