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A Cleaner Outdoors: What is Safe to Clean?

March 4, 2020

Spring is right around the corner, which means many folks will be spending a lot more time outdoors in the coming months. Whether it’s grilling, gardening or just kicking back in your lawn chair to enjoy the beautiful weather, everyone has their own definition of the perfect spring day. Prior to the first day of spring, however, many folks like to prepare their homes for the influx of guests and activities with – you guessed it – a bit of spring cleaning.

So, what sorts of outdoor appliances and mainstays do folks typically scrub down before the grill is fired up, the volleyball net is hung, and the kids jump in the pool. Better yet, what Bar Keepers Friend products do our fans use for their outdoor needs? Make yourself an certified outdoor cleaner and find out here:

Outdoor Grills

One of the first things many folks clean prior to the first day of spring is their grill. Whether you’re a propane fan or a charcoal die-hard, any type of grill can benefit from a little tender loving care. And even if your grill has been covered up all winter, freshening up the exterior surface of your grill with some BKF will have it looking as good as new!

Naturally, the surface of your grill isn’t the only thing you’ll want to pay attention to. Your grates can also use a little elbow grease – especially if there’s stuck-on food and soot from the previous season.

An outdoor cleaner like BKF’s Powdered Cleanser can get the job done just fine. Our Soft Cleanser, MORE Spray + Foam and new Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish can help as well. Here’s a fantastic guide for how to clean your outdoor grill using BKF products.

Garden Tools

Although not an outdoor mainstay per se, garden tools are frequently used during the spring and summer months. Cleaning garden tools should be part of your to-do list. To ensure your garden is in tip-top shape, you want your garden tools to be in tip-top shape as well.

During the winter months, your garden tools (sheers, shovels, buckets, etc.) have been sitting around collecting dust in your garage. In some cases, your gardening tools might be rusting over due to temperature and humidity changes. Using BKF’s powdered or soft cleanser, you can get rid of the rust and grime that often shows up on your gardening tools. When you’re done cleaning them, make sure to use a lubricant to ensure your scissors, pliers and the like are all working properly.

Patio Furniture

When it comes to outdoor spring cleaning, patio furniture is often at the top of everyone’s list. After all, you don’t want your guests to sit in rusted chairs or eat from rusted tables. Rust doesn’t mean something is “dirty” per se, but it certainly isn’t pleasant to look at – or feel, for that matter.

If you’ve had steel or aluminum patio furniture sitting in your backyard all winter, chances are very good that it’s rusted from all the snow accumulation – or even rainfall in some parts of the country. BKF’s Powdered Cleanser, Soft Cleanser or MORE Spray + Foam can help bring back that illustrious shine to your furniture – just in time for your next get-together.

Vinyl Siding

Let’s face it: everyone’s home is being judged by folks who pass by – including yours. Everything from the height of the grass to the decorations on your lawn might elicit some sort of reaction from your neighbors. While you are definitely your own biggest critic, who doesn’t like receiving compliments from neighbors about the upkeep of their home? It feels good – and it tells your neighbors that you care about your home and yourself.

That being said, the siding on your home has likely experienced a tremendous amount of weathering from all the wind, rain, snow and other earthly elements. Using BKF’s Powdered or Soft Cleansers, a nylon scrubbing brush and a power washer, you can get the vinyl siding on your home looking like you just bought the home.


Although a pristine mailbox isn’t a complete necessity, lots of folks enjoy having fun, decorative mailboxes in their front yards. Unfortunately, as the winter months pass, so does the luster and vibrancy of the mailbox’s unique characteristics.

If your mailbox is made of steel, you can wipe or scrub away rust, grime, and dirt using BKF’s Powdered Cleanser, Soft Cleanser or MORE Spray + Foam. As always, make sure to test on a small area (preferably the underside of the box) to ensure you’re getting the results you want.

Want to learn more about what Bar Keepers Friend can do for outside your home? Check out these before and after photos here!

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