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The BKF Spring Cleaning Checklist You Didn’t Know You Needed

February 22, 2023

If you google spring cleaning checklist, you’ll find more than 18,000,000 results. I’m not making this up. So, why would anyone need one more spring cleaning checklist? Good question. The answer is because this checklist is about the things we sometimes forget to spring clean.

As I write this, I’m sitting in a motel room in Cleveland, watching it snow. It’s March 26th, the sixth day of spring, and it’s snowing. One of the things that I like to do for spring cleaning is open the windows and let the fresh spring air replace the stale winter odors. That may have to wait a week or two.

The Bar Keepers Friend Spring Cleaning Checklist

Clean Behind the Washer and Dryer

Lint, dirt, and dust form behind your washer and dryer, which, when left alone, can be a great place for mold to grow and can lead to a dryer fire. Have your MORE Spray & Foam ready to attack messy clumps of dried detergent mixed with dust and lint. Yuck. While you’re at it, this is a good time to clean your outside dryer vent, one of the leading causes of home fires.  Spruce — How to Clean an Outside Dryer Vent

Empty the Coat Closet

You know that closet where you hang your coats, store a box of scarves, gloves, and hats on the floor, and a stack of games on the top shelf. Have you ever emptied it out and cleaned it? I’ve been in my home for 20 years and can’t remember ever doing so. Ever. It might be time to empty it out, scrub it down (with BKF products, of course), and donate that jacket I haven’t worn since 2012.

Hose Down Your Garbage Cans and Recycle Bins

First, empty the can, duh. Then take it outside and hose it down inside and out with as much pressure as possible. Next, to disinfect the can, pour in one cup or so of bleach and fill it with water. Let it sit for a few minutes, empty it, and thoroughly rinse it out. (Never mix BKF products with bleach.) Then spray some magic MORE Spray & Foam inside and out and wipe it down. I like to use a soft brush on the inside and a cloth outside. Now, just let it dry in the sun. Wait, is the sun out yet, or is it still snowing?

Empty the Toaster Crumb Tray

When’s the last time you pulled out the crumb tray and emptied it, let alone cleaned it? Yea, me too, I can’t remember. While you’re at it, after you empty it, spray a little BKF Soft Cleanser on it and wipe it down.

Clean the Silverware Trays

My silverware trays are while plastic containers that clip together, and I really don’t want to take all the silverware out and see how stained the trays are. If you’re going to clean the trays, you might as well clean the silverware while it’s out. Is there any rust on your knives and forks? If so, BKF to the rescue, How to Remove Rust from Silverware.

Empty the Fridge and Wipe it Down

I like to pull a chair up to the fridge and have at it. Place old newsprint or paper towels on the floor, have a trash bag handy, and start by throwing out all the expired, crusty, and infused bottles and jars lurking behind the pickle jar. I recently cleaned the inside of my fridge and loved how MORE Spray & Foam on the foam setting clung to the vertical sides.

Tip: Your fridge shelves may fit in your dishwasher.

When you’re done cleaning the inside of your fridge, pull it out to clean behind and under it, then vacuum the coils.

Clean Your Computer

First, turn your computer off and unplug it. It’s best to begin by cleaning the keyboard with canned air because you’ll most likely blow dust onto your screen. Clean your screen by first wiping it with a dry micro cloth, then gently wipe it with a 50/50 water and vinegar solution. Never use cleaners (not even BKF) on the screen. To clean your mouse, unplug it and remove the batteries. You can wipe it down with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water. Wash the mouse pad with soap and water. If you’d like to learn more about deep cleaning your computer, check out this post from Wired magazine, How to Clean Your Computer Inside and Out.

Strip Your Bed

When you strip your bed, don’t only wash the sheets and pillowcases but also the pillows and blankets and then sprinkle baking soda across the entire mattress, let it sit for a few hours, and then vacuum it. Before you remake your bed, rotate the mattress to help evenly distribute the filling. I recently rotated my mattress after I began having pain in my right leg at night. The pain went away. It seems I had created a valley in the mattress.

Empty the Medicine Cabinet

Clean out the medicine cabinet and wipe it down with BKF. Check the expiration dates on all medication prescribed and OTC. There are many drug take back programs, some drugs can be added to your trash, and others are on an FDA flush list, FDA — Where and How to Dispose of Unused Medicines. Now that the shelves are empty, it’s time to use a little BKF and elbow grease to clean them.

Don’t Forget the Door Mat

I sweep my outside front door mat every time I sweep the porch, but I can’t remember ever washing or disinfecting it. Considering all the germs it collects coming in from the outside, it seems like it might be important to deep clean. If the mat can be machine washed, do so. If not, you could try hand washing or spreading baking soda on the mat, then vacuuming. It might also be a good idea to spray it with disinfectant. If all else fails, replace it. Here’s more on cleaning mats from Martha Stewart, Are You Cleaning Your Home’s Doormat Often Enough?

So, What Do You Think of Our Spring Cleaning Checklist?

Like I said, there are a lot of spring cleaning checklists, so I hope you found this helpful. It was easy to write because most of these are on my personal spring cleaning checklist. Which ones will make your spring cleaning checklist?

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Randy Clark is a speaker, coach, and author. He publishes a weekly blog at Randy Clark Randy is passionate about social media, leadership development, and flower gardening. He’s a beer geek and on weekends (after COVID-19) he can be found fronting the Rock & Roll band Under the Radar. He’s the proud father of two educators; he has four amazing grandchildren and a wife who dedicates her time to helping others. Randy is the author of the Amazon bestseller The New Manager’s Workbook a crash course in effective management.




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