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Tidy Trojans and Bar Keepers Friend

March 29, 2023

Tidy Trojans and Bar Keepers Friend are a perfect fit. Mila Vipond didn’t know she loved cleaning until a friend mentioned how much she disliked cleaning. Without thinking much about it, Mila told her friend she’d clean her room. Mila never cleaned house growing up. Her family hired a cleaning person. So, until she cleaned her friend’s space, Mila didn’t know she liked cleaning. Her discovery of the joy of cleaning led to Tidy Trojans, a campus cleaning service with more than 170 clients.

Tidy Trojans and Bar Keepers Friend

Vipond and Kaitlin Schachter, her business partner and the co-founder of Tidy Trojans, not only discovered they enjoyed the work but also that there was a huge on-campus market for it. Mila told me non-students and businesses had approached her, but she and Kaitlin decided from the beginning that their niche was campus student housing and some off-campus student dwellings.

When the Daily Trojan asked Kaitlin what Tidy Trojans mission was, she said, “I feel like a lot of times in college, there’s so much going on, especially with the academic portion and balancing that with the social life, but there’s a lot to do,” Schachter said. “The last thing you want to do is spend that little bit of free time that you might have in your busy schedule cleaning up your apartment, so through our company, we do that for you, so you can have more time to live your life and go do the things that you want to be doing.”

Tidy Trojans now have crews of student cleaners, and Mila finds herself spending her time on payroll, hiring, content marketing, branding, and invoicing.

A Perfect Match

Videos and Instagram posts showing Tidy Trojans using Bar Keepers Friends Products drew us to Tidy Trojans. I asked Mila how she discovered BKF. She told me that when she was growing up, their housekeeper always used Bar Keepers Friend, and she knew it worked.

Mila told me she uses the Original BKF’s Powdered Cleanser but also Soft CleanserMORE Spray & Foam, and Cookware Cleanser. Her favorite might be the Soft Cleanser, but she likes them all. She told me about a fly trap attached to a wall that left a sticky residue once removed. The resident had tried several other cleaners, but nothing worked. Mila used the BKF Cookware Cleaner, and it cleaned it off.

Mila advocates for Bar Keepers Friend, not only because it works but also because it’s environmentally friendly. BKF products are all biodegradable and don’t contain bleach. She likes the idea of oxalic acid, which is found naturally in rhubarb, being the main ingredient.

A Miracle Cleaner 

She tells people it’s a miracle cleaner! For example, the water near campus is extremely hard, and it leaves tubs, sinks, and toilets with deep iron stains, some of which she’s certain have been building up for years. She also told me they shouldn’t have glass shower doors on campus because nobody knows how to clean them, but she does, and it’s not vinegar and steel wool! She uses More Spray + Foam on the tubs and the shower doors, lets it sit for a minute, and wipes it off clean and shiny. People are amazed.

It was lovely speaking with Mila about her passion for cleaning and Bar Keepers Friend. I predict this amazing entrepreneur will go far. Tidy Trojans are a big deal!

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