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Top Reviews from Bar Keepers Friend Fans

October 14, 2020

We thought it would be fun and interesting to share a few of our favorite reviews from Bar Keepers Friend fans. There are thousands of positive BKF reviews on all of the Bar Keepers Friend Products, including before and after photos, blog posts, and videos of fans sharing how they use BKF products. Many have shared how BKF brought something back to life or how our products were the only ones that worked. Others show how quick and easy BKF products are. While even more talk about how they’ve used it on countless things.

As we put this post together, we realized how daunting it was to choose only a few of our favorite fan posts. With that in mind, if you have a favorite, which we forgot to include, please let us know. Enjoy!

Reviews from Bar Keepers Friend Fans

Wiping Away 30 Years of Grime

I heard about this product on Sunday. I saw a very shiny copper bottom pot at a chili cookoff, and I asked the owner, she told me about Bar Keepers Friend Powder Cleanser. This morning as my coffee was making, I gave it a try with a damp paper towel…No scrubbing, just wiping!!! This is a decade (this pot is 32 – 40 years old) of neglect because it was too much to do daily.” —  Marja W

From Trash to Treasure

*This All-Clad frying pans sells for more than $100.00!

“You might be interested in seeing the page I wrote featuring Bar Keepers Friend on Imgur last week. In a nut shell, I found a very dirty All-Clad 12″ frying pan on the street and used Bar Keepers Friend to make it look like new (based on a long chat I had with one of their reps at Macy’s Herald Square a few years ago). I thought that maybe 100 people would be interested, but it went viral! Within two days, the post had nearly 360,000 views, 1,130 comments (most of them extremely complimentary about Bar Keepers Friend), and earned just under 13,000 points, making it one of the top posts ever on Imgur! Here’s the link: The All-Clad Restoration Project.” All-Clad Restoration Project

You Can’t Top BKF!

“I have always been ashamed of how bad my stove top burners look. My husband is in the army, and I could never find the right product to get this grime off of our front burners on our stove top. I am so glad I was introduced to Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser. Your product will make my life so much easier! I can’t wait to try it on more of my things!” — Johnna M

My Favorite Cleaning Tool of all time!

“Bar Keepers Friend might just be my favorite cleaning tool of all time!

If you’ve been to my house in the last two months, then you’ve seen this “beauty” sitting on my stove in all her burnt on glory. I’ve washed it daily with zero success until today when I caved. It’s usable again!” —  Shelly T

Stop what You’re Doing! 

“Everyone. Stop what you’re doing and go buy bar keepers friend to clean your stainless appliances. Oh. My. God. For the record, I have been on the hunt for the best Stainless Steel Cleaner for 5 years now. I have tried at least 10 different methods, including natural methods. This wins. Until the toddler put a huge handprint on the freezer 🤨. TECHNICALLY the TRUE test is your dishwasher. That gets the dirtiest because of water stains. However, because of this we put a cabinet panel over the dishwasher, so these are our only stainless appliances in the kitchen!” — Lexi P

We Have the Answer!

Whether it’s a rescued copper pan, a burnt $100 All-Clad fryer, your stainless steel fridge, or crusty stovetop burners, BKF gets the job done. And not only do our products get the job done but for pennies and with ease compared to most of our competitors.

Would you like a few ideas for using BKF products? Here are 30 ways to use BKF, What to Clean With Bar Keepers Friend


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