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7 Things You Wouldn’t Think to Clean with Bar Keepers Friend 

July 21, 2021

Is it possible there are 7 things you wouldn’t think to clean with Bar Keepers Friend? Bar Keepers friend is universally known as the ultimate all-purpose cleaner. People use BKF products in their kitchens, baths, outdoors, and at their workplaces.

They use BKF to clean posts and pans, ovens, antiques, bath fixtures, window glass, grills, and siding. What else could there possibly be to clean? We’re going to tell you. Here are 7 things you wouldn’t think to clean with Bar Keepers Friend.

7 Things You Wouldn’t Think to Clean with Bar Keepers Friend 

1. Renew Your Sneakers

That’s right. You can clean your tennis shoes with BKF. If you’ve found your sneakers looking not so bright (or downright dirty), you can use BKF to clean them up, particularly the light-colored ones that show all the dirt. You can use BKF on the entire shoe or just the bottoms of your converse high tops. Would you like to learn how? Cleaning Your Sneakers with Bar Keepers Friend

2. Wipe Off Knife Marks from Dishes

Photo by Mockup Graphics on Unsplash

Scuff and knife marks on dishes take away from their aesthetics – especially on white ceramic. BKF to the rescue!

“Drum roll please…. the secret, amazing miracle mark removing cleanser is Bar Keepers Friend. I originally bought Bar Keepers Friend to clean some rusty marks off our brand-new stainless-steel sink that an old cookie tray had left. I had always heard how people loved the stuff for cleaning all types of things, but never to remove the scratches on dishes. Well, now I know!” — Sand and Sisal — How to Remove Scratches and Marks from Dishes.

3. Remove Sticky Labels

We recently purchased a new printer, and of course, it had sticky adhesive-backed labels all over it. After removing the tags, I used MORE Spray & Foam, and after a minute, the glue was gone!

“Is there anything more annoying than sticky residue left behind by a label? Bar Keepers Friend will remove any stickiness without the need for too much elbow grease.” — Expert Home Tips 

4. Shine Musical Equipment

I play trombone in a weekend band. We perform in small venues, and our equipment gets dirty. I have three trombones, but my favorite is a King brass trombone. MORE Spray & Foam is my go-to. About once a month, I get out the BKF, a micro cloth, and paper towels. When I’m done, it looks brand new.

Things You Wouldn’t Think to Clean with Bar Keepers Friend 
Photo by Brad Stallcup on Unsplash


Here’s another example, “Effective Cymbal Cleaning using Bar Keepers Friend. Quick. Painless. Very effective.”

Check out this video. Cymbal Cleaning using Bar Keepers Friend

5. Polish Your Tools 

Bar Keepers friend works on all kinds of tools and is excellent for removing rust.

“You can use Bar Keepers Friend to clean a crescent wrench, sockets, saws, and any other tool that has a coating of rust. This trick will work for baking sheets and pans as well. I have not found a product that cleans as well as this powder. I use it on all tools, pans, and surfaces. It really brings out the shine on stainless steel. Let me know in the comments how this hack works for you and what you have cleaned with Bar Keepers Friend.” How To Clean Rusty Tools Using Bar Keepers Friend.

BKF products also work great on garden tools! Cleaning Garden Tools: A Greener Thumb for Spring

6. Clean Your Car 

BKF products work inside, outside, and under the hood of your car. You can use our products on your dashboard, tires, wheels, headlights, and more.

You can even clean carbon buildup off your exhaust pipes! “I decided to wash my car and finally scrub away 90,000 miles worth of buildup on my exhaust tips. All I used was Bar Keepers Friend Stainless Steel powder and a couple of rags. Very happy with the results and the minimal effort it took.” — What Bar Keepers Friend Can Do to Your Exhaust Tips

And some of our fans have used BKF to wipe away superficial car scratches!

“I know there is a stone wall next to my driveway, but that hasn’t stopped me from scraping my previous car not once but twice while pulling out. I wish I would’ve known about it at the time. Wipe away any dust and debris from the scratch on your car first, then use water and a small amount of Bar Keepers Friend and gently rub away. While you’re at it, try it out on cloudy headlights and dingy hubcaps.” —

Another interesting use we found was folks using BKF to shine their keys!

If you’d like to learn more, read this post, How to Clean Your Car with Bar Keepers Friend

7. Freshen Your Sporting Equipment 

Here’s a fan who found old golf clubs at Goodwill. Guess how he cleaned them? “Bar Keepers Friend for cleaning golf clubs is also super easy and quick! If you’d like to see the quick one-minute YouTube video.”

Got rust on your ice skate blades? 

Photo by Weston MacKinnon on Unsplash

“Because of a recent thread, I became curious about which common household product could do the best job removing rust from blades. I tried three nonabrasive products – Lime-A-Way, Bar Keepers Friend, and Naval Jelly. There was one clear winner – Bar Keeper’s Friend.

Bar Keeper’s Friend was applied using a damp Q-Tip to which the powder was applied. I did about a minute of vigorous rubbing on a couple of rust spots. Even the spot that remained after using Lime-A-Way was subsequently improved by using Bar Keeper’s Friend. It took care of fresh spots quickly too and left the best finish.” — Skating Forums.

Would you like to learn how to clean your home gym with Bar Keepers Friend? Cleaning Your Home Gym Equipment with BKF

More Things You Wouldn’t Think to Clean with Bar Keepers Friend 

Yes, there are more things you wouldn’t think to clean with Bar Keepers Friend. Such as camping gear, bicycles, mirrors, and hundreds more.

What have you cleaned with our products that we could add to this list? Leave us a comment. We’d like to know what things you wouldn’t think to clean with Bar Keepers Friend that you’ve cleaned.

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