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Environmental Stewardship

Our commitment to conscientious manufacturing.

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Our micro-scrubbing particles make cleaning faster and easier, but never scratch or dull surfaces.

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Because Bar Keepers Friend products are bleach- and chlorine-free, they are safe to use on stainless steel and better for the environment.

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Whenever possible, we source our materials from recyclables.

Environmental Stewardship

Here at Bar Keepers Friend, we take the environment seriously – which is why all of our products are sustainably produced. We use fewer, yet higher-quality ingredients in our oxalic acid cleansers to ensure we conserve natural resources. In addition to creating more environmentally friendly products, you can remain confident that Bar Keepers Friend is safe for what you clean and who you clean it for.

Our cleansers were originally formulated with an acidic compound found in rhubarb after a chemist noticed how clean his pot became when he boiled the plant. Over 100 years later, we’re still committed to oxalic acid cleansers because of their uniquely gentle yet effective results.


Oxalic acid cleansers are acidic instead of alkaline, which makes our products more effective against rust, tarnish, oxidation, mineral scale, hard water, and lime deposits than most other cleaning products. Unlike other acidic cleaners, Bar Keepers Friend doesn’t use fillers or bleaches, making our products biodegradable and safe for septic systems.

Rainwater Harvesting

As an organization, we strive to use as few resources and as little energy as possible when manufacturing our products. One of the ways we do is with a sustainable water management practice called “rainwater harvesting.” Instead of allowing rain to fall to the ground, rainwater is collected and stored for later use. Over half of the water we use for our liquid product is rainwater. After our rainwater is collected, it’s triple filtered and then UV sterilized.

There are many environmental benefits to rainwater harvesting. For starters, the use of rainwater can help reduce the demand for water from municipal sources (wells, reservoirs, etc.), which can reduce strain (and cost) in case of an emergency. Harvesting rainwater can also reduce the amount of stormwater runoff – which often causes soil degradation and water pollution.