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How to Clean a Glass Cooktop

September 13, 2021

Today, we're going to teach you how to clean a glass cooktop.Glass cooktops come with their own set of challenges. While they’re usually easier to clean than gas or electric stovetops, glass cooktops are more prone to scratching. This, in turn, can ruin your cooktop’s beautiful shine. Foods commonly cooked on a stovetop, like cheese and sugar, can be a cooktop’s worst enemy.

If those ingredients come into contact with your cooktop (and sometimes there’s no avoiding it), they can burn onto the surface, and even stain it. So, what can YOU do to prevent those sticky, greasy, stuck-on foods from being a problem? Let us show you, step-by-step, how to clean a glass cooktop:

How to Clean a Glass Cooktop

The folks at TX House Cleaning cleaned this cooktop with BKF.

How to Clean a Glass Cooktop - TX House Cleaning - Before Photo How to Clean a Glass Cooktop - TX House Cleaning - During Photo How to Clean a Glass Cooktop - TX House Cleaning - After Photo

When it comes to figuring out how to clean a glass cooktop (or rather, how to remove stubborn, stuck-on food), many folks we’ve spoken to believe it to be a tad complicated: relying on multiple cleaners, multiple tools, etc. That might have been the case back in the day, but “cleaning technology” has become quite impressive in recent years. When folks would take on the seemingly daunting task of cleaning up their kitchen after a large family gathering, the glass cooktop was the “special project.”

Along with simply trying to loosen all the stuck-on gunk post gathering, you would try your absolute hardest not to create unsightly scratches, smudges, and dents. After all, one of the biggest selling points of glass cooktops is how good it looks in a kitchen. Thankfully, cleaning your glass cooktop is easier than ever before.

Step 1. Gently Scrape Off Stubborn Gunk

“Scrape” isn’t likely a word you would expect to hear when you’re attempting to, ever so cautiously, clean your glass cooktop. However, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing before you use any cleaning product. Of course, what tool you use to scrape off that gunk is incredibly important. You can’t just use any sharp instrument to scrape off the gunk; or else, you’ll risk etching (or even breaking) the glass.

A tool with soft edges (preferably plastic) that allows you to use some pressure is ideal. We highly recommend using our multipurpose cooktop scraper for this purpose. Simply insert one of the nylon blades into the handle, and scrape away stuck-on cheese, hardened sugars, and coagulated sauces. 

Step 2. Apply Cleaner to Surface & Sponge

Once you’ve sufficiently removed all food particles from your cooktop, it’s officially time to “clean.” Wet a sponge (we recommend the DishFish™ Dual scrubber from our Cooktop Cleaning Kit) with warm water, and pour out Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner into it. Next, pour some cooktop cleaner onto the glass cooktop surface. Use enough to cover the affected area. When you’re done, use the sponge to rub BKF cooktop cleaner into the residue, using a circular motion. Do not leave product on surface for longer than five minutes. 

Want to see Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaning Kit in action? Check out our video here:

Step 3. Wipe & Shine 

As soon as the cooktop cleaner has sufficiently loosened up every last bit of residue, it’s time to wipe it all away. Run that same sponge under warm water and squeeze out excess cleaner and residue. Next, use your newly cleaned, slightly wet sponge to wipe away the grime from your cooktop. Do this until there isn’t any more residue left on the surface. 

With all the residue completely gone from the surface, use a slightly dampened washcloth to wipe down your surface; which should leave you with a reflective, beautiful shine. 

Now that you know how to clean a glass cooktop, and you have the tools necessary to clean it, we like to think your next family dinner will be a little less stressful. Next time you clean your glass cooktop, be sure to snap some before & after photos and share them with us here.

About the Author

Felicia Savage is a content strategist, agile marketing enthusiast, and Digital Marketing Manager at Bar Keepers Friend. When she isn’t writing about her love for Bar Keepers Friend (or wiping down her stainless steel sinks), you can find Felicia sparring at her muay thai gym, doodling in her sketchbook, or watching silly cat videos on TikTok.



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