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Product Spotlight Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner

April 26, 2023

Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner can save you a lot of headaches. If you’ve ever used cleaners that contain harsh abrasives to clean your glass or ceramic stovetop, you may have learned they can scratch glossy surfaces. At the same time, glass cleaners seldom get the stovetop clean. Spray glass cleaners weren’t designed to remove baked-on food. The best way to clean a glass or ceramic cooktop is to use a product formulated for those surfaces. Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner is precisely that.

Product Spotlight Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner

Customer Reviews

“Best glass stovetop cleaner. Bar Keeper’s Friend cleaner works on a variety of surfaces but really performs well on glass. It works on any smooth stovetop surface, including glass and ceramic. You can also apply it to other kitchen fixtures, such as porcelain sinks, brass, stainless steel, and chrome. You can even use it on copper pots and pans.” — The Spruce.

“I love the fact that it helps lift off tough stains from my air fryer and oven combo unit.” — Vivian H. 

“My ceramic cook top has many nice features. But it gets dirty every time I use it. The cooked-on grease won’t come off with a simple cleaning with the dish soaped wash cloth. I have to use a product. I have loved Bar Keepers Friend cleanser for years. It cleans things like rust better than any other product I’ve used. So, of course, I figured the cooktop cleaner should do the job. And it does! It isn’t magic. There is still elbow grease required, but I got a satisfying result. The cooktop sparkles and shines when I am finished. It cleans the most difficult cooked-on residue. I am a loyal fan of Bar Keepers Friend.” — Linda Bed Bath & Beyond Review

Verified Purchase Amazon Reviews  

“This is a great product for keeping the glass cooktop clean. I was about to give up on my new stove because the top stained so easily and was so hard to clean up. (Even the product that LG included with the stove took forever to get stains off.)

The Barkeeper’s Friend removed most stains with just a wipe-off. The more difficult ones took a little added elbow grease, but so much less than other cleaners I had tried.

I’m sold on this product.” — The Duffster

“This stuff together with a magic eraser pad cleaned my glass top stove like nothing else.

I removed burnt in stuff ( took a while, but still) that the glass top stove cleaner I used before didn’t remove” – Radio Chemistry

“Have an old oven. Put the product on and even on the burners and boy what a difference! Old burnt food came right off and burners are now spotless. Will definitely be buying regularly.” – Jolie C.

“I didn’t actually think this product would work on my glass stove top. I had some permanent staining that I thought had actually damaged the surface of the stove. For  I figured it was a lost cause. But I use regular Bar Keeper’s Friend for cleaning sinks, metal doors, and any stainless steel. I’ve also used it to clean rust off baseboard covers. When I saw the stove top cleaner, I bought it immediately. With a scrub daddy, hot water, and just normal scrubbing, nearly ALL the “permanent” stains were gone. Another round of scrubbing took away the rest. My glass cooktop looks brand new. I’m so happy with the results!” Mrs. D.

Cooktops and More 

Were you surprised that some reviews were about more than cleaning cooktops? Some of them even surprised us! Yes, our cooktop cleaner removes cooking oils and hardened food debris without scratching or dulling the cooktop, but it is also used to clean porcelain sinks, brass, stainless steel, chrome, and more. (Before using our products on non-recommended surfaces, we suggest you test a small spot first.)

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