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The Bar Keepers Friend First-Time Homeowner Cleaning Guide

July 13, 2022

Are you a new homeowner? If so, the Bar Keepers Friend first-time homeowner cleaning guide could save you a lot of time and money. When buying your first home, there’s so much to do and consider, such as financing, insurance, maintenance, decorating, and repairs. Cleaning might not even be on your to-do list. However, before long, it will be.

Pro Tip: If you haven’t moved in yet, it’s easier to deep clean before you move in.

I was talking to my next-door neighbor the other day, and Bar Keepers Friend came up. She’s been my neighbor for more than five years, and although it was her first home, she’s no longer a new homeowner; she’s a seasoned vet. My neighbor excitedly told me she loved Bar Keepers Friend for cleaning her white porcelain sink. It worked better than anything else she had tried. I asked if she had tried any of the other BKF products, and she said, “I didn’t know they made anything else! What else do they have?” I told her about a few of the products and showed her the photo on my phone of the stainless steel bowl I cleaned last week. She has a kitchen full of stainless steel appliances. She nearly swooned.

I share this story because, as a new homeowner, you might never have heard of Bar Keepers Friend or didn’t know that the company offers more than one dozen products to make cleaning your new home a breeze. So, here’s our BKF first-time homeowner cleaning guide.

Bar Keepers Friend First-Time Homeowner Cleaning Guide

The Original Powder Cleanser

Bar Keepers Friend Powder Cleanser is beloved by our fans for cleaning appliances, shower stalls, sinks, outdoor grills, window glass, vinyl siding, brass antiques, copper bottom pans, coffee makers, and more. But people love it for more than what it can clean. People love it because it’s easy to use. All you do is add a little water to the powder to make a paste, coat the object to be cleaned, let it sit one minute, and wipe it off. And did you know the product has no expiration date? BKF is especially proud that its products are environmentally friendly, made from organic ingredients with no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and are biodegradable. Bar Keepers Friend is mean, clean, and green!

BKF MORE Spray + Foam 

MORE Spray + Foam is my go-to BKF product. It’s the same ingredients as the original powder but liquified in an easy-to-use spray bottle. You can use it on everything the powder is used for, and for everyday light cleaning. The product has two settings – spray and foam. The foam setting is excellent for horizontal surfaces such as a shower stall because it clings to the sides. BKF is proud that more than 50% of the water used in the product is captured rainwater. Bar Keepers Friend has what we believe is the largest rain-capturing system in Indiana. Earth Day, Bar Keepers Friend, and Rainwater Harvesting

Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish 

Although the original powder cleanser is effective on stainless steel, I like the BKF Stainless Steel Cleaner because it works great and it’s so easy to use. Earlier I mentioned showing my neighbor the stainless steel bowl I cleaned. Here’s the story, How to Clean a Stainless Steel Outdoor Water Bowl.

Bar Keepers Friend Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish contains no harsh abrasives and is formulated specifically to clean stainless steel without scratching or dulling surfaces.

“Best stainless steel cleaner!!!! I tried other stainless steel cleaners. Scrubbed very hard but could still see shadows of the long streaks. But one wipe with Bar Keepers, and they were gone!!!! My stainless steel actually looks better than when I first bought it. Made it look almost like a mirror in five minutes of hardly any effort. I am amazed. Thank you!!!!!” Customer Linda K.

Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser

I’ve always got a bottle (or two) of BKF’s Soft Cleanser at home. The Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Cleanser shares the same basic formula as the original powder with the addition of water, citric acid, and lemon scent. Love that lemony freshness!

Its premixed formula is excellent for a quick clean. And like the powder, it’s great at removing soap scum, rust stains, tarnish, and mineral deposits.

“Bar Keepers Friend is available in both liquid and powder form. So, you must be wondering which one is better for you. The notion that one is better than the other is wrong. The powder form helps to remove the long-term stains and restores the original look. If you have not washed your kitchen or washroom accessories in some years, the powder form will help get back its original look. The liquid form has the benefit of convenience. You just have to apply it to the area without worrying about wetting the surface beforehand.” —  Bar Keepers Friend Liquid vs. Powder: Which One Is Better?

Hang the First-Time Homeowner Cleaning Guide on Your Fridge!  

These four BKF products listed on the first-time homeowner cleaning guide are only the start, but they’re a great way to start cleaning your new home. If you’d like to view all of the products like the toilet bowl cleanser, cookware cleaner, and coffee maker cleaner (which is excellent on mugs and tumblers), check them out here, BKF Household Products.

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