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How to Use the BKF Cooktop Cleaning Kit

December 3, 2019

The Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaning Kit combines our Multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner with a DishFish™ Dual scrubber sponge and BKF’s unique, all-plastic scraper with multiple replacement blades. This Cooktop Cleaning Kit makes it easy to clean glass and ceramic cooktops without scratching or marring the surface. 

Ready to get started? Here’s how to remove grime and grease from your cooktop: 

Make Sure the Surface is Cool

While you might be tempted to clean your cooktop before saucy splashes and oily splatters become cooked onto the surface, always make sure your cooktop is cool to the touch before cleaning it. Our scraper is powerful enough to break up crusty baked-on food, and our Cooktop Cleaner contains faster-acting grease-cutting detergents than other cooktop cleaners – that means less work for you once you start cleaning! 

Simple Steps for Cleaning Your Cooktop

Open your Cooktop Cleaning Kit and remove the contents. Rinse and wring-out the DishFish a few times to prepare it for first use. Then apply Cooktop Cleaner to the damp scrubber side and/or your cooktop, spreading evenly across the surface. Scrub in a circular motion to clean away emulsified food soils and grime. Use the BKF Scraper to break up stubborn soil spots, scraping at a 30-45 degree angle. Rinse the DishFish Dual sponge and then use the softer side to wipe the cleanser away within one minute of application. Wipe cooktop dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. 

Why the BKF Scraper is Safer

Many cooktop scrapers contain metal blades, which could scratch delicate surfaces and potentially injure fingers or hands. BKF’s plastic scraper blades are designed to handle tough cleaning tasks safely – and they’re 100% recyclable. Each blade is interchangeable and both edges can be used.

The DishFish Advantage

The sturdy, odor-resistant DishFish Dual scrubber sponge resists breakdown and won’t crumble while you’re cleaning. Its tapered shape allows you to easily clean corners, and when you’re done using it, just rinse it well and stand it on its tail for quick air-drying. 

Get Yours Now

The Cooktop Cleaning Kit is now available on Amazon!

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