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Job Posting: Control and Instrument Engineer

Control and Instrument Engineer


  • Researches, designs, develops, tests, and implements industrial control systems used in the manufacture and packaging of SerVaas Labs’ line of household and institutional cleaning products.
  • Programs and integrates Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), including Allen-Bradley and Omron; Human Machine Interfaces (HMI); robotic equipment, including Kawasaki; servo systems; Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs); and vision systems, including Keyence.
  • Analyzes data and presents findings in written reports to senior management addressing issues such as production efficiency, equipment failures, and consumption of raw materials.
  • Performs liaison activities with customers, suppliers, contractors, and relevant authorities to address issues related to industrial control processes. Manages projects to comply with cost and time constraints. Purchases equipment used to support control systems.


  • Master of Science degree in electrical and computer engineering or a closely related degree.
  • Two years experience as a Mechatronics Engineer regardless of title, including automation or controls engineer.
  • Must have experience integrating and programming PLCs, including Allen-Bradley and Omron; HMIs; robotic equipment including Kawasaki industrial robots; servo systems; VFDs; and vision systems, including Keyence.

Place of employment:
Indianapolis, Indiana

To Apply: Please send your cover letter and resume to