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Product Spotlight Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser & Polish

November 1, 2023

Some users believe Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser & Polish has magical powers. If you’ve ever used it to clean burnt food from cookware, you understand. It’s formulated to cut through baked-on food grime, and it works. That’s because the BKF Cookware Cleanser & Polish has 50% more grease-cutting detergents than our other cleansers. You can use it on glass and ceramic casserole dishes, stainless steel utensils, enamel-coated cast iron, and more.

It cleans scuff marks on glass, even on older opaque Pyrex, knife marks on pans, and more. I used it last Thanksgiving on my grandmother’s pie pan! Here’s all I had to do to bring her pan back to life.

  • Wet the surface of the pie pan
  • Sprinkle BKF Cookware Cleanser & Polish
  • Spread the cleanser to coat the surface for 10-15 seconds
  • Scrub the dish with a damp sponge or non-scratch scrub pad
  • Let it rest for one minute
  • Rinse within one minute of application
  • Repeat as needed
  • Dry a soft cloth
  • Continue to polish the dry pan to restore it to its original shine

Product Spotlight Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser & Polish

What Others Had to Say 

Long story short. I placed some of my mother’s stainless-steel items in the dishwasher, thinking they would clean nicely. Well…, it turned out they should not be placed in a dishwasher and came out looking brown/burnt. Someone recommended Barkeeper’s Friend Cookware Cleanser to me, and I had no choice but to try it because nothing else was working. Sure enough, it brought the stainless steel back to life and looks better than it did before. Forget the Comet, Ajax, or other abrasive cleaners. This one will do the trick.

I also spent about 3 hours on the grill with a new stainless-steel rack. After cooking, it looked black and hideous, so I placed Bar Keepers Friend on it, let it sit for about 15 minutes, and rubbed it with a sponge (pictures attached). I am astonished by the way that this takes off grease, grime, and burnt marks off stainless steel items so easily.” Albert

Hands down, the best cookware cleaner. Keeps my expensive cookware looking new and has kept 30-year-old inexpensive cookware in excellent condition, too. Cleans a host of other things, too. A must have household staple” –Discount Diva.

“The product works as advertised, most of our cooking is done in steel pans and as a result gets those burnt marks which doesn’t look great.

“This is an excellent product that I wish that I had found out about years ago. We use Barkeepers Friend Cookware Cleanser and Polish on a daily basis. This product is a staple in our kitchen cabinet!” – Carol M

*The above are verified purchase Amazon Reviews

“I purchased this today for my All-Clad stainless-steel cookware, which showed rainbow and white clouding from repeated use without proper cleaning supplies. After one use, my pans were restored nearly to their original state with only about a minute of scrubbing each. Product works amazingly, and at such an affordable price I’ll definitely purchase again in the future.” — 5 Star Crate and Barrel review 

“Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser & Polish is a product designed to clean up cookware stains, such as on stainless steel or copper, which occur because of excessive heat or burned or baked-on grease or food. The product can also be used for baked-on grease on glass bakeware and casserole dishes. Basically, this is the kind of product used to clean up pots and pans, bakeware, and cookware, to make it look cleaner again after it had a lot of use.” — Stain Removal 101 

Another Product from a Trusted Friend  

Bar Keepers Friend has been a trusted name in cleaning products since 1882, with a wide range of home cleaning supplies that are tough on stains and gentle on surfaces to help keep your home looking pristine. If you’d like to try our Cookware Cleanser & Polish, you can order it with one click on Amazon.

Important: Always read the label and safety precautions before using this product.

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