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Snow Day Cleaning

January 31, 2024

There will be more opportunities for snow day cleaning this year. I’m sure of it. A couple of weeks ago, there was snow over much of North America, Europe, and beyond! This week has been more rain than snow, but the snow will come soon. I don’t think we’ve had our biggest snow of the year yet! So, when the blizzard comes, what will you do?

Have you ever been snowed in? Have you been stuck at home, your workplace closed, and the internet is down? Instead of letting the day go to waste, it could be an excellent time for some snow day cleaning!

So, if you want to be ready for snow day cleaning, get ahead of the storm by creating a plan before the first snowflake falls. Here are some suggestions:

Snow Day Cleaning

Create a Checklist

List tasks you want to accomplish during your snow-cleaning day. Creating a comprehensive list of tasks can help you stay focused and avoid feeling overwhelmed by the work ahead. Breaking it down into smaller tasks can make it feel more manageable.

Prioritize Rooms

Decide which rooms need the most attention. Focus on high-traffic areas or spaces that haven’t been cleaned in a while. You could prioritize any room in the home or multiple areas in order of importance.

Declutter First

It’s a good idea to declutter the space before you begin cleaning. Throw away or donate items you no longer need. This will make the cleaning process more manageable. My wife and I have a large box in the garage where we place items we wish to donate, and then, as it fills up and we have the time, we take it to a donation center.

Set a Timer

I know for me, a timer creates a sense of urgency and helps me stay focused. I haven’t used one for snow day cleaning, but it’s in my plan. I do three things 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Although these aren’t cleaning, for example, one is exercise, setting the time keeps me on track. I must warn you sometimes, when the timer goes off, it startles me!

Take Breaks

Remember to take short breaks to avoid burnout. Stretching and staying hydrated can help you stay energized. Don’t overdo it. It shouldn’t physically and mentally exhaust you.

Involve Others

If possible, involve family members or roommates in the cleaning process. It can make the task more enjoyable and speed up the overall process.

Have Fun

Create competitions and challenges. Look for ways to put some joy into it. Put on snow gear on one of your breaks and have a snowball fight. Play music and sing along. Look up jokes about snow or cleaning and share them throughout the day. Bad snow jokes are the best. For example, “What do you call a snowman in August? A puddle.” — 55 Best Winter Jokes

Reward Yourself

Plan a small reward for yourself and your team after the cleaning day. It could be a treat, a favorite activity, or relaxation time. Order a pizza, watch a snow move like The Day After Tomorrow, or put on some dance music and have a “Snow Ball.”

And Last but Not Least, Get the Right Supplies

Make sure you have all the necessary cleaning supplies before you start. Stock up before the storm with rags, sponges, garbage bags, and Bar Keepers Friend Products. (You might want to pick up bread and milk while you’re at the store.)

looking out a window at snow

Using Bar Keepers Friend during your snow day cleaning is a great way to make the most of your time and keep the house clean and tidy. Did you know Bar Keepers Friend has more than the world-famous original powder BKF Cleanser? We have products for cleaning stainless steel, another specially formulated for granite, a coffee maker cleaner, and much more. Check it out: Bar Keepers Friend Products. Remember, the goal is to make the snow day cleaning as efficient and enjoyable as possible. BKF can help you do both.

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