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An Interview with Lois Chartrand

October 18, 2023

I had the privilege to interview with Lois Chartrand. You may know her from the Instagram account Life with Lois. 

She began as strictly a cleaning account and attracted a large following from the UK, including Mrs. Hinch, who, with more than 4 million Instagram followers, recognized Lois as the “American Clean Queen”.

Eventually, Lois expanded her range from strictly cleaning to posts about organizing, ASMR, and lifestyle, such as creating kid-approved lunches, restocking household goods, and organizing.

An Interview with Lois Chartrand

Lois, how did you learn about Bar Keepers Friend?

I’ve used the OG powder (BKF Cleanser) for years, but until the Bar Keepers Friend team reached out to me about three years ago, I was shocked to find out they had so many other cleaning products. I literally had no idea there was a Toilet Bowl Cleaner or Coffee Maker Cleaner.

What are your favorite Bar Keepers Friend products, Lois? 

I really love ALL Bar Keepers Friend products. My favorite “go-to” is the Soft Cleanser and the Cooktop Cleaner. The Soft Cleaner is so easy to use. I love using it on my sinks. The Cooktop Cleaner partially because I have a glass cooktop that gets messy with most meals, and a little goes a long way. It comes as a set that includes my favorite dish, fish too!

Speaking of sinks, the people who owned our home before we installed a copper sink in our half bath. It gets tarnished & discolored easily. I was thinking of having it replaced. However, I tried the Soft Cleaner on it, and it’s shocking how well it works. Unfortunately, every time the sink gets wet, it looks tarnished again, but I always have a bottle of soft cleaner on hand.

What do you like about your Life with Lois account?

I love doing this as a side hustle. Sometimes it’s crazy and surreal. I can’t believe I have 87,000 followers on Instagram. People have reached out to me and thanked me, and it doesn’t get any better. I believe I’m making a difference, and that’s important to me. It’s why I do it. Perhaps one day this will be my full-time job.

What’s it like connecting with the Bar Keepers Friend marketing team?

The Bar Keepers Friend team is great! They’re like family. We have fun, talk, and laugh. I wouldn’t work with a company if I didn’t believe in their products. This team and I fit together; as I said, I used the product long before I met/joined the team.

We recently had a meeting about a new product I’m excited about. It’s called EZ-Flush for clogged toilets.

I believe in the products and like sharing how to use them properly as well as what they can be used to clean. I tell people, “You’re going to get results every time.” The response I get most often when people see what I’ve done with Bar Keepers Friend is, “Wow! Before and after reels are some of my favorite things to share.

It Was My Pleasure   

It was a pleasure chatting with Lois, and it’s also been a pleasure exploring her Instagram videos. Here’s one about using Bar Keepers Friend products on your toilet.

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