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How to Clean Granite and Stone Countertops

September 15, 2021

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Granite tables and countertops are frequently found in household kitchens.

Natural stone countertops are resilient, but they aren’t indestructible. Using the wrong cleaning products on natural stone (ex: granite, marble, etc.) can cause scratches or etching (dull spots). To preserve natural stone’s beauty, you need a pH-balanced cleaner that contains no harsh chemicals.

Take a look at the following tips for keeping your countertop in great condition. We’ll also go over how to clean granite and stone countertops.

Tip #1: Protect Countertops from Damaging Liquids and High Heat

Coffee, red wines, certain types of oils, and acidic fluids such as vinegar or soft drinks can stain or damage natural stone. Be sure to wipe away spills immediately! Additionally, you shouldn’t store or set bottled cooking oil on the counter, as this can cause damage as well. If you need oil nearby for when you’re cooking, set the bottle on a paper towel or coaster.

Some countertops – soapstone, for example – tolerate heat well. Other types of natural stone, however, might crack if exposed to high heat. Avoid setting hot cookware directly on countertops, and place a silicone mat beneath your coffee maker to protect the counter from heat and coffee spills.

Tip #2: Wipe Down Regularly. Learn How to Clean Granite & Stone Countertops

Along with protecting your granite countertops from extreme heat, it’s incredibly important to keep them clean. Allow us to show you how to clean granite countertops now! 

If it isn’t sealed, natural stone is porous – which means grease and grime can penetrate the surface if not cleaned properly. To avoid damaging your countertops, wipe the countertop daily with a damp microfiber cloth. You may need to use a cleaner to remove stains and grime. Do NOT use vinegar, bleach, ammonia, any cleanser that contains orange or lemon oil, scouring powder, or liquid bathroom cleaner. All of these products can harm natural stone.

Bar Keepers Friend Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish is specially formulated for use on smooth, polished stone – including granite, marble, and quartz. Its pH-balanced formula won’t scratch or mar stone finishes, and it’s gentle enough to use every day.

Tip #3: Use BKF Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish

Although Bar Keepers Friend Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish is safe to use on most natural stone, always test it on a small inconspicuous part of your countertop before cleaning the entire surface.

Clear the countertop and wipe to remove loose debris. Spray product across the surface; allow cleaner to stand for up to one minute if surface has moderate to heavier soils, then use a soft dry towel to wipe away cleaner in a circular motion. For tougher cleaning, use a non-abrasive sponge to lightly agitate the soils on the surface before wiping. Finish with a clean, microfiber cloth or paper towel for a streak-free, beautiful shine.

See BKF Granite & Stone Cleaner in Action

Want to see Bar Keepers Friend Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish in action? Check out the video below!

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