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How to Clean Kitchen Sinks with BKF

September 16, 2020

Do you have a sink so badly stained that you’ve given up? It’s a “sinking” feeling. You probably think you only have two options: live with it, or invest in a new sink. Just an FYI, a newly installed kitchen sink can range anywhere from $200 to $1000. However, what if that sink is an antique or just fits the house perfectly – then what are your options? Bar Keepers Friend fans know the answer. They’re the experts on how to clean kitchen sinks.

You see, these fans had sinks that they thought were a goner until they discovered Bar Keepers Friend. Here’s what a few BKF fans had to say about their experiences with BKF in their sinks:

How to Clean Kitchen Sinks: BKF Fan Edition

how to clean kitchen sinks - image 1 - katy l submission
Before & After Submission from Katy L.

“After, during, and before. Everyone kept raving about Bar Keepers Friend, and I’m extremely glad I decided to try it! I was thinking about getting a new sink after we fixed the iron issue, but now, I don’t need to! No scrubbing involved, just lightly rubbing it in with a washcloth.” — Katy L

Spray and Foam: It’s a Keeper!

“Yesterday afternoon, I received the full-size bottle of MORE Spray + Foam cleaner that I got to choose. I have to admit, I was skeptical because I’ve tried so many other products. I tried it on a rust stain on my old kitchen sink, and to my surprise, it REMOVED it! Next, I will be trying it on my shower doors next and can hardly wait. You don’t mind cleaning so much when the product actually works! Thank you, Bar Keepers Friend. You are a keeper!!!” —  Mary D

You Saved My Sink! 

how to clean kitchen sinks - image 2 - eileen m submission
Before & After submission from Eileen M.

“You saved my sink! It’s chipped pretty badly, but I don’t think I have the heart to replace it. It is so pretty, I agree! Glad I was able to bring it back to life with BKF!” — Eileen M. 

how to clean kitchen sinks - image 3 - anactacia m submission
Before & After submission from Anactacia M.

“This stuff is amazing!! I will never use anything else! I’m working on some pots I’ll share later!” — Anactacia M

Wait, what about Bar Keepers Friend! 

“After days trying to remove a large stain from a stainless steel sink, using scourers, all sorts of products, etc., I was about to give up and admit that I would probably have to replace the whole sink unit (rented property.) I remembered hearing about Bar Keeper’s Friend and thought I’d give it a try, nothing to lose at that point! Well, just used it (powder), and it got rid of the entire stain in less than a minute of scrubbing with a sponge! I’m floored and very grateful I now won’t have to pay out for a new sink!” – Kelly W.

Here’s How to Clean Kitchen Sink Grime

  • Bar Keepers Friend
  • Water (Okay it’s the sink so there might be water)
  • Two soft non-abrasive cleaning rags, we like micro clothes One wet, one dry

How to Clean Your Sink (The Easy Method)

  • Run water and then splash it, so everything is damp
  • Sprinkle Bar Keepers Friend on everything you wish to clean, sink, faucet, drain, etc.
  • Wait a minute or two while BKF goes to work, but don’t let it dry out
  • Scrub in a circular motion with a wet rag or sponge
  • Run the water and rinse the BKF off everything
  • Wipe down and shine with the dry cloth

Pro Tip: BKF Powder is SSS (Septic System Safe)! 

So let this “sink” in. Some of our fans have just told you not to jump into the deep end (sink or swim) because BKF is here to save the day. Pick up a can of BKF today, and don’t fall into a “sink” hole!

See BKF in Action: How to Clean Kitchen Sink Grime Easily

DIY YouTuber, Emily Wilson, shows us how to clean kitchen sink grime using BKF powder cleanser. Check it out here!

how to clean kitchen sinks - how to clean kitchen sink grime - video thumbnail - emily wilson

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