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Is Your Home Holiday Ready?

November 2, 2022

So, is your home holiday ready? Are you certain? Clean the bathtub grout, de-grease the oven door, polish brass doorknobs – these are the kinds of housecleaning tasks that sometimes fall to the bottom of to-do lists. And after a while, you might get so accustomed to seeing these things, they become invisible. However, your holiday guests, whether they’re visiting over Thanksgiving, Hanukah, or Christmas don’t see your home every day. Those grimy areas you forgot about will stand out like the North Star in the night sky!

Don’t fret, though – we’re here to provide you with holiday cleaning tips and remind you of the most commonly overlooked household cleaning tasks, so you can be prepared for holiday hosting.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

What guests will notice when first arriving at your home is the exterior, of course, and while Bar Keepers Friend doesn’t make lawn and garden products (not yet, anyway), we do have cleaning solutions for external fixtures.

Use BKF Cleanser, Soft Cleanser, or More Spray + Foam to remove rust stains and tarnish from doorknobs, storm doors, or your mailbox. More Spray also removes mildew stains from vinyl siding. You can use BKF Cleanser to restore shine to cloudy windows and to clean the glass globes for your exterior lights.

Check Those Corners

Grime loves to accumulate in corners (especially in bathtub surrounds and on kitchen floors). When you’re deep-cleaning for the holidays, put on a pair of rubber gloves, and grab a bottle of Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser for cleaning vinyl floors, porcelain, and grout (for engineered flooring, check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions).

Use an old toothbrush to work cleanser into corners, wipe it away with a wet cloth, and repeat, if necessary.

Look Out Below!

It’s easy to see stains and grime at eye-level, or on countertops, but food and drink splatter tend to end up on lower cabinet doors, door handles, or on the dishwasher door. Clean your kitchen top-to-bottom – and don’t forget the baseboards.

Bar Keepers Friend More Spray + Foam covers large surface areas quickly, and the foam clings to vertical surfaces for more cleaning power, so it’s an ideal product for kitchen-cleaning. It’s safe to use on most surfaces, but always test it on an inconspicuous area first.

Rejuvenate Your Dishes

Make sure every dish and place setting sparkles this holiday season. Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser safely removes silverware marks from china, scorch marks from baking dishes, and tarnish from copper. You can even use it to remove hard water stains from glassware.

Spruce-Up the Coffee Maker

At the end of your holiday gathering, you may want to offer fresh coffee for guests. With Bar Keepers Friend Coffee Maker Cleaner and Coffee Maker Descaler, you can remove oils, tannins, and mineral deposits from your coffee maker, for better-tasting coffee.

Share Your Tips

The holidays are a perfect time for sharing. Tell us: What holiday cleaning tips do you have to share? How do you use Bar Keepers Friend in your home?

And, join our Bar Keepers Friend Facebook community to share your holiday cleaning tips and learn how others use BKF.

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