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Tips for Keeping Bar Keepers Friend Fresh 

February 10, 2021

One of our most frequently asked questions revolves around keeping our BKF Powder Cleanser fresh. There are several ways to accomplish this, beginning with where to store BKF powder. Here are a few tips for keeping Bar Keepers Friend fresh.

Keeping Bar Keepers Friend Fresh 

Where to Store BKF Powder

To avoid clumping, store BKF powder in a low humidity area. Avoid high humidity areas such as a cabinet under a sink or a shelf next to a water supply. The best way to keep BKF from clumping is to keep it dry. We’ve been asked if BKF clumps because it’s expired? The answer is no because the active ingredients in our product don’t expire. However, if you store your BKF in a humid environment, the powder can solidify. It’s best to keep your open containers in a dry place.

Put a Lid on it

Another common question we receive is, “Why doesn’t Bar Keepers Friend powder come with a lid?” Here’s how we answer that in Bar Keepers Friend FAQ’s.

“The contents of BKF do not expire or degrade when stored in a dry environment. To offer our customers the best value possible, we chose not to add an expensive lid when it is not required for most users. A helpful tip for those who may want to cover their can of BKF if stored under the sink or in a humid environment is to cover the top of the can with a sandwich bag (a rubber band can be used to make an air-tight seal if necessary).”

What Do You Do If It Has Already Clumped?

There are several remedies to “unclump” BKF Powder Cleanser.

Firstly, we recommend squeezing the can and breaking up the powder. You don’t need to smash it on the counter like a can of biscuits, but give it a little force with your hand. This should help break up the clump and loosen the powder!

You can also try this popular internet method to spread it out on paper in a dry area. Several of our fans mentioned using parchment paper. After letting it dry out, put on a pair of gloves and crumble it back to powder.

Another common method for using clumped BKF powder is best when you’re ready to use the cleanser. Place the clump in a container, add water, and use a spoon or fork to make it into a paste.

But Wait, There’s More! 

Here are a few suggestions I found from BKF fans on the forum, Bar Keepers Friend Clumping.

  • “Humidity will make any hydrophilic powder clump. The solution I’ve found is to keep the scouring powder in a cabinet in my laundry room, rather than under a sink where it’s humid.”
  • “I just tap it on the sink each time before I use it.”
  • “You could try inserting some kind of silica gel packet into it.”
  • “Shake the container real hard before you use it.”
  • “Try covering the top of the can with plastic wrap or a plastic sandwich bag secured by a rubber band to keep moisture out.”
  • “We just tape up the holes with one piece of wide painters’ tape when not using. Never had it clump.”

Get Over the Hump of the Clump

There are ways to bring clumped BKF back to life, but the best thing you can do is take precautions to keep it fresh. Store it in a dry place; away from high humidity areas such as under the sink. When you have high humidity in your home, place a sandwich bag over the container and secure it with a rubber band. One of BKF Powder’s significant advantages is that it has no expiration date – and with a few simple precautions, your powder can last for years. Personally, I’ve never had that problem because I use it before I lose it. How do you keep your BKF fresh?

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