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Tackling the Dirtiest Place in Your Home: Your Kitchen

April 15, 2020

kitchen cleaning tips - image 1Not a lot of people know this, but your kitchen is, on average, the dirtiest place in your home. With multiple surfaces capable of collecting and holding onto bacteria (think of all the food prep that happens), the kitchen is more likely to breed germs than your own bathroom. Seriously!

Appliances are a big part of what makes a kitchen, well… a kitchen. Whether it’s for food storage, cooking, baking, preserving, etc. your appliances can, and will, get dirty. 

Bar Keepers Friend products such as BKF Cleanser, Soft Cleanser and MORE Spray+Foam make no disinfectant claims. However, they’re excellent at removing the really tough dirt, grime, soils & build-ups prior to applying a disinfectant to those hard, non-porous surfaces — so the disinfectant can properly do its job. Here are our top kitchen cleaning tips:

Kitchen Cleaning Tip #1: Keep Up On Dishes

While dishes can be that chore everyone tends to avoid, keeping up with the dirty pile benefits you in the long run. The bacteria from food particles left behind can multiply, which runs the risk of your family getting sick.

Stainless steel pots and pans can also rust if left in the sink too long, while other dishes and utensils become harder to clean once food grime sets in. BKF powder cleanser or Cookware Cleanser are perfect for those “hard to get off” messes.

Kitchen Cleaning Tip #2: Watch Out For Those Countertops

Kitchen countertops of any kind should be wiped down on a daily basis. Crumbs, bacteria from raw food, cross-contamination, etc. are just a few things associated with dirty countertops. Anyone with granite, marble, or stone countertops want theirs to be especially clean and shiny. 

Our Granite and Stone Cleaner is perfect for removing post food prep grime and making sure your counters have some sparkle. As a bonus tip: BKF’s Cooktop Cleaner (and Cooktop Cleaning Kit) can continue that level of clean for your cooktops!


Kitchen Cleaning Tip #3: Stainless Steel Has a Big Role

kitchen cleaning tips - image 2

Stainless Steel appliances have been a lasting trend for more than two decades now. Despite what people may believe, “stainless” steel can still smudge and rust. Bar Keepers Friend products are a stainless steel lover’s best friend! Rust is the result of corrosion happening in your steel because of contact with moisture. This kind of deterioration can ruin appliances in your kitchen. 

Bar Keepers Friend powder and Cookware Cleanser both are rust busters. Follow those up with BKF’s Stainless Steel Cleaner and your appliances will be healthier than ever (and you will be too).




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