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Lunar New Year: How to Clean Up After Your Dragon

February 7, 2024


Do you know why we’re posting how to clean up after your dragon? It’s because the Lunar New Year is February 10th! This year, 2024, is the year of the dragon. More specifically, it’s the year of the wood dragon. So, what is the year of the wood dragon?

“The element of wood is seen in Daoist tradition as a return to the natural state of being, which, in the dragon’s case, points to a return to kindness. Confucian thought interprets wood as a symbol of unlimited potential.

“I’m seeing this Wood Dragon year as a year of unlimited potential in terms of prosperity. Long-term, it could also be the year in which major conflict can be resolved, if people can focus on empathy,” said Jonathan H. X. Lee, a professor of Chinese folklore and religion at San Francisco State University. — NBC News — The Year of the Dragon could be lucky — but only if we’re kind to one another

Myth or Real?

I’m told that wood dragons are mythical creatures. However, if you have a wood dragon in your keep, you know dragon cleanup can be challenging. Here are some steps to clean up after your dragon safely and effectively.

We’re going to start with Bar Keepers Friend not only because, well, it’s what we do, but because our products work! They’re environmentally friendly and easy to use, even when cleaning up after your wood dragon.

How to Clean Up After Your Dragon

Fire flames

The biggest obstacle to cleaning up after a dragon, and what makes them different from cleaning up after other pets, is fire; dragons breathe fire. They burn things.

How to Clean Dragon Fire Scorched Areas 

  1. Wet the area to be cleaned
  2. Sprinkle the original powder BKF Cleanser
  3. Rub it in with a soft, wet cloth
  4. Rinse it off with clean water
  5. Wipe dry

Bar Keepers Friend is well-known for bringing burnt and scorched items back to life. However, an angry dragon can go too far, and sometimes, nothing can come back from its wrathful flames!

Here are More Pro Tips for Cleaning Up After Your Dragon 

  1. Fire Safety: The first step after dragon cleanup is to stay safe. Extinguish any remaining flames and let the ashes cool down completely before attempting any cleanup.
  2. Protective Gear: We recommend wearing gloves when you use our products, but dragon cleanup takes more. Wear heat-resistant clothing, fireproof gloves, and sturdy footwear to protect yourself.
  3. Dragon Scales: If any dragon scales exist, handle them with caution. They’re sharp and might hold magical properties, so using tools such as a grabber is best.
  4. Ash and Debris: Use a broom and dustpan or a vacuum cleaner to clean up any ash, soot, and debris left behind by the dragon. Be thorough and ensure you get into all the nooks and crannies. Be sure to let it cool before emptying it into any trash container.
  5. Scent Removal: Dragons have a distinct scent, so you may need to use air fresheners or scented candles to eliminate lingering odors.
  6. Magical Cleanup: If the dragon’s presence involves any magical elements, you might need to consult a wizard or magical expert to ensure proper cleanup and restoration of the area.

In the Year of the Dragon, being good, compassionate, and kind will bring abundance to those who show the character and strength to do so. Here at Bar Keepers Friend, we believe this to be true. Happy Year of the Wood Dragon!

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