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Making Labor Day Clean-up a Family Thing

August 30, 2023

Making Labor Day clean-up a family thing is simple. To begin with, make it fun. Try turning cleaning into a game or a challenge. Pick up ribbons at the local dollar store to hand out, set a timed competition, or wear funny hats. Let your imagination run wild.

Making Labor Day Clean-up a Family Thing 

Set goals for what you want to accomplish during your Labor Day clean-up and make it fun working together to achieve them. Make the goals activity-driven and tie them to rewards. Celebrate your hard work at the end of the day by having a picnic, a year-end pool party, or a cookout.

Take breaks throughout the day and use these as family bonding time. Have each family member share their clean-up progress, tell a joke, or just hang out and chat. If it’s as hot where you are as it’s been around here this summer, be sure to hydrate.

Assign tasks

Give each family member specific tasks based on their abilities and interests. One fun way to do it is to write tasks on a piece of paper and then let family members choose tasks one at a time, beginning with the family’s youngest member choosing first.

Outdoor Spaces

Labor Day weekend is an excellent time to clean outdoor areas like patios, decks, and gardens. This might include sweeping, washing surfaces, and storing outdoor furniture. As you clean up outdoor furniture and summer items, consider proper storage to protect them from the elements.

Your Grill 

summer cleaning tips - image 4 - prep your grill

If you have a grill, it’s a good time to clean it thoroughly. Remove grates and clean them, clean the interior, and make sure gas lines or connections are safe.

“To clean a grill, you’ll first need to fire it up. Let the heat do some of the work for you – it’ll soften greasy food debris on stainless steel or enamel-coated cast iron grates. After a few minutes, turn off the grill and allow the grates to cool slightly. Use a grill brush or a wad of aluminum foil to scrape the grates.

Once the grates are cool to the touch, place them on a drop cloth on the ground, moisten them, and sprinkle BKF Cleanser across the surface. Put on household gloves and clean the grates with a nylon brush or damp scrub pad. Rinse thoroughly (a “jet” setting on a garden hose works well for this task), and dry thoroughly. After replacing the grates, turn on the grill to burn-off any residue.” — How to Clean a Grill with Bar Keepers Friend

Pool and Pool Area

summer cleaning tips - image 1 - spruce up pool steps and siding

If you have a pool, Labor Day often marks the end of the pool season. Cleaning and winterizing the pool could be part of your clean-up routine. Do you have an above-ground pool? If so, you know they can get dirty fast. “We recommend using our Bar Keepers Friend Powder Cleanser or Soft Cleanser to clean your pool’s siding (often made with aluminum or steel). If using the Powder Cleanser, create and apply a paste, let it sit for 5 minutes (if badly stained), wipe it using a hand towel or soft cloth, and then rinse with a hose. If you want a cleaner that spreads most easily, use the BKF Soft Cleanser following the same instructions. We recommend repeating those same steps for your pool steps and banisters.” — Summer Cleaning Tips 

Yard and Lawn

Depending on your location, you might prepare your lawn for the fall and winter months. Rake leaves, pull weeds, and pick up debris, such as sticks and wind-blown trash. But don’t stop there; clean up your flower beds and pull the plants from your vegetable patch. Doing this is the perfect time to compost for next spring.

Garden Tools 

Okay, I’ve been known to throw my gardening tools in a bucket and put them in the shed, but you should do more to keep them in tip-top shape. So, don’t do what I’ve done. Do what I’m doing this year: clean my tools with a little BKF and a lot of elbow grease, dry them, and then lightly rub them with oil before I store them for the winter. PS, be sure to drain your hoses.

Windows, Screens, and Siding 

Cleaning windows, screens, and siding can give your home a fresh look. And yes, you can clean windows with BKF! “Make a paste of Bar Keepers Friend Powdered Cleanser and water. Note: Be stingy with the BKF powder. You don’t need much. Rub it on the glass and then let it sit for five minutes. Next, wipe up the paste with a soft wet cloth, then shine it clean with a dry rag or paper towel.” – Wait What? You Can Clean Windows with Bar Keepers Friend!?

My home has brick and vinyl siding. Every summer, my vinyl siding grows mold on the north side. It happens to almost every home in the neighborhood, and if it’s not taken care of, the Homeowners Association sends notices with a time limit to clean it or face a fine. BKF to the rescue.

Labor Day Family Time

Remember that Labor Day clean-up can vary depending on your location, climate, and property’s specific features. Regardless of where you live, it’s a great opportunity to get family involved and make it a fun and productive time together. Family time is the best time there is.


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