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Product Spotlight The Original Powder Cleanser

January 10, 2024

Our latest product spotlight, the original Powder Cleanser, deserves to be in the limelight. We’ve featured a half dozen of our products but not the cleanser that started it all. When I came on board, one of my biggest surprises was how many products Bar Keepers Friend offers. If you’re like I was and only familiar with the powder cleanser, do yourself a favor and check out our Products page.

Product Spotlight: The Original Powder Cleanser

We thought it was important to spotlight the newer BKF products that many may be unfamiliar with. However, the granddaddy of them all deserves some recognition as well.

What Does the Powdered Cleanser Do? 

The better question might be, what doesn’t the powdered cleanser do?

Did you know the powdered cleanser dates to 1882? I’ve been using the powdered cleanser since my mom and dad sold it in their store in the 1960s, and it’s still my go-to for stains on most non-porous surfaces. You can use it to remove rust, grease, and tarnish. It restores and polishes uncoated stainless steel and porcelain. It even tackles tough water spots, mineral deposits in the bathroom, and more!

What Others Have to Say:  

“This “Bar Keepers Friend” cleanser is the best we have used. Because it doesn’t scratch the porcelain sink, bathtub, or toilet. It does clean well and seems to shine everything we use it on.” — Pogo M

“It seems rather silly to give reviews about a product that has been around for generations and is such a simple scrub powder. Then, I see folks complain about how hard it is to keep their stainless-steel cookware looking its best. THIS is the solution! All my cookware looks like it is either brand new or I never cook. Nothing could be further from the truth.” — Lauren A

Pogo and Laureen are both Verified Purchase Amazon Reviews 

“I moved into a 1970’s house about a year ago. When I started to clean things out and move my stuff in, I found a can of Bar Keepers Friend powder in the bathroom. At first, I didn’t think much of it and thought this stuff was too old to use. Well, later that night I cooked dinner for my family. Sauce was everywhere and it got all over the stove-top and counter. Later that night I decided to clean up the kitchen. I didn’t have anything to clean up this mess. Then I remembered the cleaning powder I found in the bathroom. I went down the hall and grabbed it. Came back and started using it on the stove top. To my amazement, the powder worked, and my stove top was sparkling white again! I couldn’t believe it, after all these years that this product was still good enough to use.” – Allie Bar Keepers Friend Powder Review: I’m Glad I Discovered It

“Donning her bright yellow rubber gloves, my mom pulled out a bottle of Bar Keeper’s Friend and informed me: “This stuff is magic.” She was right.” — USA Today

Powdered Cleanser and More!

Bar Keepers Friend Powdered Cleanser has been cleaning homes and businesses since 1882. Today, we offer the powder cleanser and a wide range of cleaning products that are tough on stains and gentle on surfaces. If you’d like to try our Powdered Cleanser or one of our other products, they’re only one click away on Amazon.

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