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Springtime Wellness with Bar Keepers Friend

March 1, 2023

Overall, wellness is something many folks strive for as the seasons change. Whether it’s Summer to Fall. Fall to Winter or Winter to Spring. People’s immune systems tend to go a little haywire at the beginning of each season. The impact of drastic temperature changes on the body certainly doesn’t help. 

Bar Keepers Friend products are NOT disinfectants nor antibacterial. However, there are many ways BKF can help create a cleaner, healthier atmosphere for your family. Here are our spring cleaning tips for creating a healthier atmosphere at home.

Clean Your Dishes Right Away (Or At Least Soon After)

spring cleaning tips - cleaning pots and pans - image 1The last thing anyone wants to do after cooking up a feast for their family is wash the dishes. It’s arguably everyone’s least favorite task because it can be so monotonous. Still, if you let your dishes sit in your sink for a significant amount of time (even just a few hours), the bacteria from food particles can multiply and might make you sick. Additionally, leaving certain stainless steel cookware in the sink for a significant period of time can cause it to rust. 

This leaves us with one of our first spring cleaning tips: As soon as the cooking is done, clean your dishes to ensure you’re getting rid of bacteria-causing food particles. BKF’s Cleanser or Cookware Cleanser can effectively clean and polish your stainless steel pots, pans, and flatware.

Clean Your Sinks Often

Another one of our spring cleaning tips is to clean your sinks often. Not only shouldn’t you let your dishes sit in your sink for a significant amount of time, but you should also make an effort to wipe down your kitchen sinks as often as possible. Any food particles that sit in your sink collect bacteria that might make you ill. After you’ve cleaned your dishes and poured any remainders down the disposal, take a few moments to wipe away any residue from your sink. BKF’s Soft Cleanser can help accelerate the cleaning process by making particles easier to remove. A quick scrub and rinse the soft cleanser or sprays of the stainless steel cleaner, and you’ll have a cleaner, shinier kitchen sink. If your sink is stainless steel, add the finishing touch with an easy spray & shine of BKF Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish for a dazzling shine.

Clean Your Bathroom from Top to Bottom

spring cleaning tips - shower cleaning - image 2Cleaning your entire bathroom is an extremely easy and efficient way to ensure a healthier home. Your toilets, showers, bathtubs and sinks are exposed to A LOT of stuff. Skin cells, hard water spots, and do we really need to say what else? The point is your bathrooms are exposed to lots of bacteria that can potentially make you sick. 

Cleaning your toilets, wiping down your sinks and scrubbing your shower tiles and doors will make your bathroom less dingy, and a disinfectant will help ensure your family isn’t fully exposed to everyone else’s germs.

Getting rid of “residue” from those areas certainly helps. BKF’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Powdered Cleanser, and MORE Spray + Foam Cleaner can help get the job done!

Declutter and Wipe

Last but certainly not least is decluttering your home and wiping down areas that haven’t been seen in ages. Underneath those piles of books, trinkets, dishes, and appliances likely lies lots of dust and grime. Depending on the surface you’re cleaning, you can use BKF’s MORE Spray + Foam Cleaner or Soft Cleanser to really polish those surfaces, and make your rooms feel more open.

To ensure you’re able to clean those areas of your home properly, we recommend heading to your local department store (or even an art supply store) and picking up organizers for all your items. Naturally, if there are  some items you haven’t used in a very long time, you can pitch them. Take them to your local consignment or thrift shop or have a yard sale (it is springtime, after all). The more stuff you’re able to remove, the easier it will be for you to clean your home.

Happy Spring we hope you enjoy your Spring clean home!

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